This page lists introductory material on all aspects of the game, including a tutorial on the special Assembly Language used to develop Corewars programs. It also contains historical documents and material that discusses some more advanced ideas, such as the math of Corewars and the use of Genetic algorithms to evolve Corewars programs.

AK Dewdney's articles in the Sc. American
The articles that started it all. They are now a historical artifact.

A beginners guide to Core Wars - Ilmari Karonen
This is the finest available guide to Corewars for beginners.

Steve's guide for beginners - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
This is another great tutorial. It is a gentler read than the ones listed above.

Mark Durham's tutorials - 1 2

Core Wars for dummies - J.K. Lewis

My first book on Core Wars - Steven Morrel 1 2
A relatively advanced guide to the game. The ones to follow are also meant for players with some experience.

Intro To Art In '88- Mintardjo

Tips for beginners

Currently proposed ICWS'94 draft

The math of Core Wars step sizes - Steven Morrel

Core Wars Genetics: The Evolution of Predation - John Perry

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