Core Wars is a programming game in which two or more programs run in a simulated computer with the goal of terminating every other program and surviving as long as possible. Known as Warriors, these programs are are written in an assembly language called Redcode.

Newcomers to the game can jump-start by reading one of the tutorials on the information page.

To play Core Wars on your computer, you can download your choice of MARS from the following page:   The pMARS homepage (DOS, UNIX, WINDOWS)

Corewars Hills are ongoing online tournaments which allow you to compete with Corewars enthusiasts from all over the world. A list of these is available on the hills page.

Links to other Corewars sites, and miscellaneous Corewars related info can be found on the links page.

Questions/Thoughts related to Core Wars, may be posted on the Core Wars newsgroup -

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